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Matthew Christ

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Matthew Christ graduated from Penn State carrying with him fond memories and strong bonds from his time in the Alpha Mu house. The time spent with at Pi Kapp ingrained a strong sense of helping others in him, and he has translated that into a career.

He recently created a new business working as an advocate for the policy-holder in insurance claims, which he explains in this Q&A. Matthew is looking forward to hearing from his fellow alumni so please don't hesitate to get in touch with him...especially if you have an insurance claim!


Why did you join Pi Kappa Phi?
My cousin joined Alpha Mu while at Penn State. He is several years older than I am and is someone that I have always looked up to. Every time that I visited during high school, all of the brothers included me and showed me a good time.


What makes you most proud of being a member of Alpha Mu?
What makes me most proud of being a member of AM are the activities that we were involved in throughout our college career. We consistently are a top fundraiser for the philanthropy THON. For several years we have raised over $200,000 and that shows a lot about the character of our chapter.


Why do you stay in touch with people from Alpha Mu?
I stay in touch with people from AM because no matter how different our backgrounds, we all have something in common.


What are some of your fondest memories from college?
The best memories from college are from the mornings living in the fraternity house. As everyone would wake up, they would gather in a room to discuss their stories from the night before. There were some classic stories that will never be forgotten.


How has being a member of Pi Kapp helped shape you and your life?
It was a huge changing point in my life that allowed me to really mature into the person that I am today. It especially taught me respect, responsibility, and initiative. Three aspects that I hope every Alpha Mu brother takes away from their experience.


What is your recent business venture?
ProActive Public Adjustment, Inc is licensed and bonded by the state to be the policyholder's advocate. We represent the home and business owner through the complicated and stressful insurance claim process. We are experts on insurance policies and negotiate the maximum settlement for our clients ensuring that they are properly restored for their loss.


How do you think your business could help your brothers?
Many people have never submitted an insurance claim and do not realize everything that they are entitled to. ProActive Public Adjustment, Inc. can help anyone with property damage from submitting the claim to the restoration process. Recently, a brother's father discussed some property damage with me and was not sure if it would be worth putting it through his insurance. I came to his property and evaluated his damage and advised that it was worth putting in. The initial offer provided by his insurance carrier was about $13,000. After further negotiation, his claim settled for just over $30,000.


What advice would you give current members?
My advice to current members is to get involved. The time at the university goes by extremely quickly. There is such an abundance of resources at your fingertips to take advantage of whether it is the university, the fraternity, community service, etc.

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