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Alumni Updates


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McKnight, Richard "Dick" Posted: 3/29/2014 2:42:45 PM
Class of 1957

Still involved in executive recruiting in the banking industry. Running in the morning and spending time with nonprofit activities.


Gibson, Richard Posted: 5/2/2013 9:52:48 AM
Class of 1954 

I had a good career as an engineer and manager with General Motors. I retired in my late 57s and am thankful for good health and a great wife. There have been some bumps in the road, of course, but generally I've had a good life. I credit Pi Kapp with giving me social skills and helping develop interpersonal communications. Otherwise, the Brothers were great drinking buddies.


Busch, Glenn Posted: 5/2/2013 9:52:33 AM
Class of 1967 

I have arrived in "Geezerville", but I did accomplish a few things along the way. I picked up a couple more academic degrees, became an ordained Episcopal priest, published a few books, held political office, taught at a university, and married the lovely Kathleen Cooney in 1970. We have two children and two grandchildren. In 2008, I retired as Rector Emeritus of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in High Point, North Carolina. We currently live in Lynchburg, Virginia, where Kathy paints. We both do civic work and travel, and I indulge my four-decades-old passion for fly fishing, which I have done throughout the US as well as Europe and Central America. It's been a great life. My best wishes to all the brothers, young and old.


McKnight, Richard "Dick" Posted: 5/2/2013 9:50:45 AM
Class of 1957

I have continued to stay active working. After selling my staffing firm, I decided to continue executive search consulting on a limited basis, which has turned into a 13 year career specializing on search in commercial banking. I remain active in Rotary International, maintain a Board of Directors role with the CT Chapter of March of Dimes and teach high school students through Junior Achievement. On a non-business basis, run and work out daily, ski and play golf as weather permits. On Monday, I celebrated my thirty sixth anniversary with my wife Judi. I was also asked to help colonize a new chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT, but realized the time commitment was greater than I could commit.


McKnight, Richard "Dick" Posted: 8/4/2009 3:51:18 PM
Class of 1957

Would have enjoyed the golf event scheduled for this summer;. unfortunately, had a torn patella tendon repaired in June and out of action until the end of September.


Woodrow, Donald "Don" Posted: 8/26/2008 8:53:06 AM
Class of 1957 

Since leaving Penn State, I complete a Masters and PhD in Geology at the University of Rochester. Between the two degrees was a 23-month stint in the Army at Fort Monmouth, NJ. From Rochester, and now with wife and family, we moved to Geneva, NY where I remained on the faculty of Hobart and William Smith Colleges for 36 years. My research has been rock- and sediment-centered. Rock stuff is still ongoing in PA. Sediment stuff is now via the USGS in San Francisco Bay.Carole and I moved to the Bay Area in 2001. We have two grown grandchildren via our son Tom's family. They live in Saratoga, CA. Sadly, Tom died in 2007. We have an infant grandchild by our daughter and her husband who live in SF. Our daughter took her PhD in biochemistry. She now works for Genentech. We enjoy CA very much but miss the greening of the landscape in the summer. We even miss snow and thunderstorms.


McKnight, Richard "Dick" Posted: 8/26/2008 8:53:06 AM
Class of 1957 

I have been out of school so long that it would be impossible to talk about post college activity. My wife and I recently became great grandparents, a shocking development for us. I am in the process of going through my third retirement.


Warner, Francis "Red" Posted: 2/7/2008 2:56:14 PM
Class of 1951

Francis E. (Red) Warner (1951) died on November 18, 2006 in Midland Michigan. He had a very successful career as an architect with over 60 homes, 5 churches, hotels, shopping malls, ski resorts and commercial properties to his credit, and a wonderful life with his wife, Jo, whom he met at Penn State, one son, Scott, one daughter, Leslie, and four grandchildren.

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