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Brotherhood Knows No Distance’75 Pi Kapps Travel To See Their Brother In His Time Of Need

Recently, Scott Edelman, Ted Kraybill, Bill Lane, and Bill Walsh, all Pi Kapps from the class of ’75, went to visit Rob Trotter ’75, who is ill, in Florida. They quickly planned a last-minute trip and met in Florida and, being baseball fans, decided to see two Spring Training games with Trotter. Edelman flew in from Tucson, AZ, Lane flew in from Washing D.C., Kraybill resides in Clearwater, FL, and Walsh drove down from West Chester, PA (an approximately 14-hour drive) with his wife. Walsh joked that escaping the cold weather was part of his reason to head south for a little bit.

They got together with Trotter to have a late lunch and called some brothers that couldn’t be there to talk to him. Overall, they had a great time and lucked out with good weather in Florida.

Even though it was nice for all of the brothers to catch up, Walsh described it as a “somber affair.” Trotter has had multiple surgeries on his head and receives constant care from his wife.

“It was disheartening to see him like that, but his wife is an absolute saint,” Walsh said.

Despite the situation, the brothers are grateful that they have a “good, solid friendship,” that has lasted since they graduated in 1975, and for their time as undergraduates with Pi Kappa Phi. They do their best to meet up from time to time, whether it’s a tailgate or a small get together.

Walsh explained that because they are geographically closer, he and Lane try to meet up a couple of times a year. He also mentioned that there is always a lot for everyone to catch up on, but Lane best describes what it’s like to catch up with one another.

“You may not see each other for a while, but it picks up right away with the sarcasm and like how it was 40 years ago.”

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