A Spring Pi Kapp Love Blossoms

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A Spring Pi Kapp Love BlossomsRussell Wright ’67 Recalls Meeting His Sweetheart

“Before we left Penn State at the end of the 1967 spring quarter, Ron Croft ‘68, John Hoyt and I decided to join the fall orientation staff in order to meet freshman. That fall I was placed in the parking lot of Pollack Halls in an information booth with a sophomore from Simmons Hall. I was there to meet freshman, she was there because of her involvement in student government. Elaine was the Vice President of her class. It rained that entire day and we had very few, if any, inquiries. Elaine swears that her first impressions were not all that positive. I did not laugh at her jokes. I procrastinated in calling her for a date, until Ron said that unless I called her, he was going to. So I called. Our first date was a dance at Lambda Chi Alpha. I had the flu, so we just sat and talked until curfew. It is now 52 years later and we will soon celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!”

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