Alpha Mu Hits The Links And Shares Powerful Message With New Undergraduate Members

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Alpha Mu Hits The Links And Shares Powerful Message With New Undergraduate MembersKudos to everyone involved in the Alpha Mu golf outing the weekend of August 3-5. Jon Solan '76 and Harry Barfoot '77 did a great job in planning a terrific weekend and navigating some challenging weather conditions as well.  Walt Rakowich' '79 presentation Friday night was informative and enlightening to say the least and his passion for the University and the Chapter was readily apparent.  Thanks for taking that time to visit with everyone, Walt, and thanks for your continuing generous support of the Chapter.

Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the visit to the Chapter house, too, and it was inspiring to hear some of the comments being made at dinner from so many people as to the importance of the fraternity and the Chapter in their lives.  The undergraduates enjoyed and appreciated the passion and the message of so many.  The message of “we hope you enjoy this sort of thing 40 years from now” was powerful and will only be possible through their dedication and commitment to the fraternity as well as our alumni support of them and for the Chapter in the years to come.

Here is the link once again to the Chapter website where you will find information and updates on Chapter events, financial information of the Chapter and reports of the re-colonization effort.  You can also join the 409 Club through this site and also provide support of the Chapter every year with our Annual Fund.

Look forward to crossing paths with you this fall and please feel free to reach out to me or other Board members of the Housing Corporation Board with your thoughts, questions, or suggestions at any time.

Stay well, brothers.

Nothing shall tear us asunder.

-Your Alpha Mu Alumni Board

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