Although A Short Period of Time, Pi Kapp Remains Monumental

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Although A Short Period of Time, Pi Kapp Remains MonumentalLooking back upon his time as a Pi Kappa Phi brother, Harry Barfoot ‘77 emphasized that the fraternity remains important to him over the years because of the lifelong friendships he made.

“Despite being a relatively short period of time, those years living with a group of guys under one roof at 409 East Fairmount Avenue are some of the most memorable. To this day, we still get together socially and enjoy sharing this history,” he said. Among many great memories, a weekend ski trip to Blue Knob stands out, with a large group of guys packed into one ski chalet. Living with 45+ other men – each with different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, and interests – taught him and his brothers that they could accomplish a great deal when prioritizing the interests of the group over the interests of a single individual. 

After graduating from PSU in 1977, Harry spent 42 years in corporate life and retired last December. Now he and his wife Sally fill their time with travel, family, volunteer projects, and yes, the trips back to Penn State for Pi Kappa Phi alumni golf outings, football games, and other events. He is thoroughly impressed by the new brothers who will be the future leaders of the fraternity, characterizing them as caring and committed to re-building the fraternity. Harry felt strongly about contributing to the 409 Club and recolonization efforts because in spite of recent tragic events, he knows that fraternities have and can continue to make positive contributions to campus. He recalled the original “Thon” planning done by the fraternity and the leadership role they played to get the Dance Marathon off the ground, and emphasized the critical role that Pi Kappa Phi can play as a model on campus in the coming years. “All eyes will be on how the fraternity looks in the future, what the Greek system looks like in the future, and how the behavior of this group will be critical to the success of all fraternities.  It’s a watershed event!”

When asked what suggestions he has for how new alumni can stay active with the fraternity, he said, “First and foremost, stay connected.  It’s easy to lose track of your friends.  The time at Penn State will be one of the most memorable, so don’t lose touch with your fraternity brothers.  Use the various new technologies, like our Alumni Relations program, to maintain contact with others.  And as we re-open the fraternity, make it a point to visit the new younger brothers, introduce yourself, ask what you can do to help them, and remember: their time is just starting. Give back some of yours!”

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