In Adversity, Pi Kapp Shows Leadership Learned at 409 E. Fairmount

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In Adversity, Pi Kapp Shows Leadership Learned at 409 E. FairmountJoe Paterno once said "The good news is that we have the money, the bad news is that the money is in your pockets." 990 Active Alumni are in our database. 38 have given to our recolonization effort at Penn State - the 409 Club. If each of the remaining 952 Alpha Mus stepped up with a gift of $409 or more, the results would be astounding, approaching 390K. Now, we realize this number is very, very lofty. However, our goal is only 125K. We've raised over 38K toward that, leaving 87K left to be raised. of our 990 Brothers, we would need 212 Brothers to step up with a gift of $409 or more. Those 212 coupled with the 38 who have already pledged their allegiance. would equal only 250 Brothers.

250 Brothers of 990 that could possibly make a gift - That's a 25% participation rate from our database. We know it's possible- and we know we'll get there, for in times of adversity, our true character is shown in the way we respond. I have no doubt, my Brothers, that you will answer the call.

I further invite all of you to contact me if you're planning to be at Homecoming on October 13 in Happy Valley. I would be happy to discuss plans for Alpha Mu moving forward. We cannot do it without our Alumni. As Brother Harry Barfoot said, the undergraduate Brothers need our help and support. Their time as Pi Kapps is just beginning. Make no mistake about it, the costs of maintaining a 94-year-old Chapter House continue to rise. We also wish to continue to fund bringing you Alumni News and reports of progress being made. This too, costs money. However, your support keeps us alive, and therefore keeps Pi Kappa Phi alive in all of us, reminding us of the lifelong connections gained and maintained, friends who became Brothers, and skills that prepared us for the lives we enjoy today. All that happened in four years at Penn State. Don't we owe it to give back to that?

For The Board,

Stephen J. DiOrio '78
Alumni President
The Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Corporation

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