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The new Charter

The following is a note from Brother William S. Pantle, USAF, ret. on the recent Charter Banquet at Spruce Creek Lodge.

The banquet at Greenland’s Lodge, Sprue Creek, PA on October 12 was a celebration the initiation of 50 new Pi Kappa Phi Brothers (The initiation rites were held at the House, hosted by National and assisted by Brothers from RPI) and the presentation of the new charter – Pi Kapp is back! Several members from National were there including Jeremy Galvin, National President. Also attending were Salem Awwad and Megan Pepper from the Penn State Office of Fraternity and Sorority life. Galvin did double duty as the guest speaker and the chartering official.

National President Jeremy Galvin and Pi Kapp Archon Max Molden

As the senior rep from National was making his closing remarks I raised my hand and loudly announced that as the holder of the lowest Chapter number in the room - 441 - I wanted to speak. I described - briefly - from my perspective - the last few years prior to 2015, added some history on how we used to welcome Alums, thanked all involved for their hard work in the overall re-chartering process, especially the recruiting, the university for having faith and helping to make it happen, National for all they did and the new Brothers for their hard work. I concluded with I'm proud to welcome the new Brothers. I had no planned remarks – I just felt that it was my place as the only Alpha Mu alum in attendance that I should say something. I winged it.  I’m not sure of exactly what I said, but the lads gave me a standing O when I finished – sure made me feel good.

Before winding up I have to say something about our new Brothers and the House. First, I’ve never met a finer group of young men. Meeting them made me proud. The House as you well know is old but built like a fortress. The lads have been working their butts off cleaning and fixing up. Well done guys!

Group Photo - National rep is on the left and Galvin on the right. Brother Pantle is in the front holding the Charter.

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