Welcome the newest grads to Alumni Brotherhood! 

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It is with great honor that we announce the newest fraternity alums! We reached out to our newest grads and asked them what they gained from Pi Kapp, why they joined, and where they are headed after graduation. Join us in welcoming them to the alumni brotherhood!


Liam Parrish

I joined Pi Kapp to become a part of a brotherhood that was bigger than myself and make life long friendships. From Pi Kapp I have gained leadership skills, a greater sense of responsibility and a support system of brothers that I can always count on.


Robert Sullivan

I joined Pi Kapp to form a bond that lasts a lifetime. I am an only child, so gaining a brotherhood later in life was something I always wanted to experience. What I gained from Pi Kapp is exactly that: relationships that will last a lifetime. I have no regrets on my decision top join Pi Kapp and will ultimately miss this part of my college experience the most. As of now, my future plans are to return to my hometown of Pittsburgh where I accepted a job as a Project Engineer for Massaro Construction Group.


John Callaghan II

I joined PiKapp initially for a sense of belonging and brotherhood in the new environment that is college. In my years here I’ve gained leadership experience and some real life experience, but more importantly I’ve gained brothers and relationships that will last a lifetime. My future plans include commissioning as a Marine Corps officer to then become a pilot and serve my country for 20 years.


Corey Zimmer

I joined Pi Kapp in hopes to find friends and a sense of community during my time at Penn State. However, being an Alpha Mu Pi Kapp has brought me so much more than I could ever imagine. My time in Pi Kapp has taught me to be a better man, friend, and leader. It has also given me some of my best friends that will be in my corner for life, my brothers. After graduation, I hope to land a position in the Medical Sales Industry. Forever will be thankful for the experiences, memories, and people Pi Kappa Phi at Penn State has given me. ODH.


Evan McClain

I joined Pi Kapp because of the overwhelming sense of brotherhood and camaraderie. My time here has provided me with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. As I venture into life beyond college, I will be pursuing medical device sales.


Trevor LaMelza

I joined pi kapp as a founder to make an impact on campus and to meet new people. I gained a lifetime worth of memories and a network of great guys that will be the first ones I reach out to when I come back to penn state, go on vacations, and get married. I will be moving to Boston once I graduate to work in HR consulting.


Alexio Troia

I joined Pi Kapp because I felt a valuable connection with the brotherhood. I gained a great amount of social skills and confidence from the time I have spent with my brothers. In the nearby future, I intend on getting the shoulder surgery that I have needed and then I hope to spend some time living in Sicily with my grandparents to enjoy life there and become as fluent as possible.


Matthew Fagan

I joined Pi Kapp to find a support system that would help me for a lifetime. I gained a group of brothers who will always have my back. My future plans are to move back to New York and work in NYC.


Ben Hines

I joined to make lifelong bonds and form a support network of friends. I gained personal connections, long lasting friendships, and was able to better myself as a person with the support of my brothers. My future plan is to work as a nuclear engineer with a power generation company. 


Blake Martin

I joined Pi Kapp to surround myself with like minded guys socially, academically, and professionally that I’ll know my whole life. I got an amazing set of lifelong friends after joining Pi Kapp as well as memories that I’ll be telling for years. After Penn State, I’ll be attending University of Southern California to get my masters degree in Quantum Computing.


Danny Finley

I joined Pi Kapp bc I had an immediate connection/friendship with the guys I met on zone day. Rush week came and I met my possible future pledge brothers and knew I was gonna accept the bid if I got it. I also gained skills such as patience and realization of the world in that there's gonna be criticism no matter where you end up so might as well learn to deal with it properly. As for my future plans, I'll be working as an ABA counselor in Newtown Square, PA for a couple years and then submit an application for the FBI academy when I'm at the minimum age requirement (23-24).


Paul Zablotney

Brotherhood and plan on working in finance


Max Molden

I joined to find brotherhood and make a mark on campus. I gained countless memories and friends for a lifetime. I’m going to work as a Software Engineer at Textron in Baltimore


Nathaniel Champion

I joined to find friends and make memories, I gained a brotherhood of men i will cherish and love for the rest of my live. I plan to go work for a cannabis company named BUTTER in michigan, i hope to one day start my own cannabis company


Other 2022 graduates include Ryan Nelligan and Filip Maysz.



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